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Risk Management Strategies

  The cyber threat landscape that continues to evolve around the globe gives New Zealand an opportunity to build cybersecurity measures and gain global recognition as leading cyber experts. Delta Insurance presents the following Risk Management Strategies for organisations to improve their security measures within the cyber world.
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Regulatory Innovation in FinTech

Simon Papa, Director of Cygnus Law discusses the need to develop and maintain effective and flexible regulations that will further support the growth of FinTech in New Zealand.
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Privacy by Design: Your Profile will Self Destruct in 5 seconds…

Kai Dwyer, CEO of Vallum and core participant within the Insurance Working Group for InsurTechNZ, shares his commentary on the GDPR regulation changes which recently came into effect. Who isn’t familiar with the iconic Mission Impossible series? Where the mission instructions are so secret that the receiver cannot be trusted to destroy them, so instead … Continue reading "Privacy by Design: Your Profile will Self Destruct in 5 seconds…"
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Cybersecurity in a FinTech World

FinTech is a powerful ecosystem and it is a force for generating positive, innovative change across financial services. FinTech evolution is centred on innovative, disruptive technologies; innovations which have the potential to significantly enhance the cyber security profile of financial services once thoroughly tested. However, due to the emerging nature of some the technologies employed, … Continue reading "Cybersecurity in a FinTech World"
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First successful court proceedings under NZ’s anti-money laundering law

Source: The first successful court proceedings have been brought for breach of NZ’s anti-money laundering (“AML”) law.  The High Court imposed a pecuniary penalty of $5.29m on the company, Ping An Finance (Group) New Zealand Company Ltd (“Ping An”).  Its director was banned from providing financial services.  The proceedings were brought by the Department of Internal Affairs, … Continue reading "First successful court proceedings under NZ’s anti-money laundering law"